18 Wheeler Accidents in Amarillo

An “18 wheeler” is a slang term for a semi truck, tractor-trailer or big rig. It gets its name from the number of wheels in the combination of the semi tractor (the powered vehicle that pulls the trailer) and the semi trailer.

Semi truck, tractor trailer and 18-wheeler accidents are common occurrences on Amarillo roads and highways such as the I-27, I-40 and SH 40. It is estimated that approximately 5,000 people die as a result of 18-wheeler accidents and big rig collisions in the United States each year with a substantial number of 18-wheeler truck wrecks occurring in Amarillo, Texas, every day. Due to the population and traffic throughout the four county area of Amarillo, the city of Amarillo unfortunately has its fair share of big rig truck crashes

Why is it Called an 18 Wheeler?

Understanding how an 18 wheeler gets its name ... contact an Amarillo 18 Wheeler Injury Lawyer on this site if you are injured in an accident involving an 18 wheeler.An 18 wheeler gets its name from the number of wheels on the rig. The semi tractor and semi trailer combination will have 18 wheels (10 for the tractor and 8 for the trailer).

The semi tractor (or truck tractor) has 3 axles - one axle in front for steering and two drive axles in the rear. The front axle will have a pair of single wheels and the two drive axles will each have a 2 pairs of double wheels. That’s a total of 10 wheels for the semi tractor (4 doubles and 2 singles).

The semi trailer has two axles in the rear. A semi trailer has no front axle by definition because the front part of the trailer is coupled to the semi tractor. A semi trailer will usually have 2 pairs of double wheels per axle. That’s a total of 8 wheels for the semi trailer (4 doubles).

With all these wheels and with a gross weight in the neighborhood of 70,000 to 80,000 lbs., it is imperative that the brakes are properly maintained. A truck with bad brakes simply cannot stop as quickly or in as short a distance as one with properly maintained brakes.

Amarillo 18-Wheeler Accident Lawyers Need to Access Cause

In many cases, Amarillo 18-wheeler accident attorneys must retain the services of scientific and medical experts to prove both the cause of the accident and the cause of your injuries. Additionally, a qualified 18-wheeler accident lawyer will obtain all kinds of evidence concerning the scene of the crash, truck logs, and other important information to be used against the trucker, trucking company, or the company’s insurer. Arranging expert witness testimony and preparing important physical and documentary evidence is just one of many ways an Amarillo tractor trailer injury lawyer can help you after you’ve suffered a truck accident injury for a major commercial vehicle wreck.

If you or a loved one have been involved in a serious semi truck wreck, tractor trailer crash or big rig accident, hiring a lawyer is the farthest thing from your mind when tragedy such as this strikes you, a family member, or a friend. However, this is when you need an Amarillo truck accident lawyer most. Do yourself a favor by calling one of the qualified Amarillo truck accident lawyers listed on this page. Hire a qualified Amarillo tractor trailer accident lawyer to help protect your rights.

Maintenance of Brakes Required For Amarillo 18 Wheelers

When an 18 wheeler is driving on the roads and highways in Amarillo such as the I-27, I-40 and SH 40 or just passing through to some other destination, the trucker will know if he or she has bad brakes. It doesn’t matter if the trucker is an employee of a trucking company or the owner of the rig or not. If you’re driving an 18 wheeler or big-rig, then you’re responsible for maintaining the truck’s brakes, period. There are many truck brake repair shops in the Amarillo area that are suitable for servicing 18 wheelers. A trucker can select from any one of them before entering a congested Amarillo truck route or interstate with their commercial vehicle. If an accident ensues as a result of the trucker’s failure to repair faulty brakes, then it is considered to be negligence. And, if a lawsuit is filed in Potter County and Randall County on behalf of the injury victim, the trucker has no excuse for failing to repair the brakes. Failure to properly maintain brakes is considered negligence on the part of the trucker and/or trucking company.

There are a number of truck brake and repair shops in the greater Amarillo area where a truck driver can stop to have his brakes inspected and/or repaired. As mentioned before, there is absolutely no excuse for an 18 wheeler’s brakes to fail and an Amarillo truck driver will be held negligent if this occurs. Following below are some Amarillo brake repair shops where 18 wheeler brakes can be maintained:

Amarillo truck brake repair shops:

Jupe Industrial Brake & Spring
400 Southwest 5th Avenue, Amarillo, TX 79101
(806) 372-2244

Meineke Car Care Center of Amarillo
3401 South Western Street, Amarillo, TX 79109
(806) 353-4377

S & L Automotive Truck Services Llc
1841 South Bolton Street, Amarillo, TX 79103
(806) 372-5545

Polo's Tires & Wheels
1310 South East 10th Avenue, Amarillo, TX 79102
(806) 373-2840

Aardvark Automotive
5825 Canyon Drive, Amarillo, TX 79110
(806) 356-0020

Amarillo Truck Center Inc
7580 East Interstate 40, Amarillo, TX 79118
(806) 372-5055

Map of Semi Truck Repair Shops in Amarillo

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Maintenance is critical to keeping an 18 wheeler truck running at optimum condition.

Brake repair shops and truck repair shops in the Amarillo area assist truck drivers with keeping their vehicles well-maintained.

Amarillo 18 Wheeler Brake Experts

Amarillo truck accident lawyers call upon experts that they use who specialize in truck brakes. If the accident is serious enough, and you contact a lawyer quickly enough, a seasoned Amarillo personal injury trial lawyer will know the right experts to contact. The trucking expert will be able to assess the brakes and gather any braking evidence from the scene of the accident on any Amarillo street, avenue, or major Interstate highway, including I-27, I-40, SH 40, SH 60, SH 87, SH 136, SH 287, and SH 335. The Potter County and Randall County trial attorney will do what is necessary to preserve the evidence, protect your rights, and fully determine whether the cause of the truck accident was a braking issue.

18 Wheeler Accident Attorneys Serve Amarillo and Surrounding Cities

Serving clients throughout the Texas Panhandle (Northern Texas), including Adrian, Ady, Amarillo, Bishop Hills, Bodemn, Borger, Bushland, Canadian River Breaks, Canyon, Channing, Chunky, Clarendon, Claude, Cliffside, Dalhart, Dumas, Folsom, Fritch, Gentry, Gluck, Hartley, Hereford, Juilliard, Lake Tanglewood, Masterson, North Randall, Palisades, Pampa, Panhandle, Pleasant Valley, Pullman, Skellytown, Timbercreek Canyon, Washburn, White Deer, Yarnall and other communities in Potter County and Randall County.

Amarillo 18 wheeler accident attorneys are experienced in handling serious injury truck collision cases and can help you fight the trucking company or its insurer in order to get you the compensation you deserve. Contact an Amarillo 18 wheeler accident lawyer today for a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION.